Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Fanfic Rec Wednesday – My Bella

I love when I can rec a fic written by a friend. I love it even more when I really love the story.

You may remember back in May when PurpleBrina guest rec’d Chop and Change by Krazyk85.  Krazy is taking a hiatus from the sequel, Chopping and Changing, but wanted to keep up her writing skills, so she had the brilliant idea of “fic-ing” the movie Wicker Park. How often do ALL of us twific fans watch a movie …or read a book, or hear a song, or even see a random picture of something… and think ‘that would make an incredible Edward/Bella story!’ and wish someone would “fic it”? (It’s a thing. Trust me.) That is exactly what happened in this case. She says it was the main character’s “desperation in finding the one girl that broke his heart. The suspense and confusion and the love he had for her” that drew her in. And that interest brought us My Bella by my friend Krazyk85 (@KrazyK85_). (Read it here on 

For the record, Krazy also posted on Facebook that she “sort of" started My Bella because of me after we met in person this summer. Apparently, my dark and depressing sentiments are creative fuel. Lol. Well, if this is what my melancholic demeanour brings out of people… You’re all welcome!

When K first started posting the story back in late June, she said she was surprised at how many people had never seen the movie. Then she suggested we hold off on watching it until the story completed. If you have seen the movie or know anything about it, you will know that there is sense of suspense and mystery that permeates the plot. If you watch it before reading the story, that idea of a puzzle you need to crack will be missing – so I agree with KrazyK. You should wait. I did.

It was so fun trying to put everything together as the chapters went up. My Bella updated every Monday and it was hard to have to wait all week to get the next clue. There was even a weird sort of enjoyment that came from being proven completely wrong. The way the story progresses, your brain automatically questions every single little detail and K did an excellent job of bringing attention to those tidbits. I was personally convinced that Edward was insane.

For me, what makes this story SO great is Krazy’s unique writing talent. Since I knew that what I was reading was based on a story that was previously told only visually, I was blown away at the nuances she was able to bring to the character’s inner thoughts and the descriptions and explanations of happenings that you miss out on in a movie. She is unbelievably creative.  I did end up watching Wicker Park after I read My Bella. In my opinion, the fic is SO MUCH BETTER! Read it for yourself and see what you think.

It’s a on the shorter side of a mid-length story – just over 43,000 words in 15 chapters and was completed in September. 
AND, sidenote: Krazyk85 is up for 6 awards, including Favorite Undiscovered Gem for My Bella, in the 2014Twific Fandom Awards. The first round of voting ends November 8th. Read it quickly and then go vote to help get it through to the next round.

I made this one this afternoon, especially for my blog.


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