Sunday, September 7, 2014


i'm leaving for my second trip to forks in 2 days. as i prepare, i've been thinking back on last year's experience. i never did get around to the post summarizing the entire journey ~ and let's face it, probably never will. so i thought i would at least share just a few pictures.

this time last year, my group of friends and i travelled to "the holy land" for stephenie meyer days (an annual series of festivities during the weekend closest to bella's birthday ~ september 13th), coinciding with the 2nd of the "forever" parties, which had taken on the "forever in forks" name. the two events had joined together and many activities were planned. one of these was the FiF scavenger hunt. each group (or individual) was given a list of things to track down and take pictures of. they were to be posted on either instagram or facebook and a winner would be chosen among the completing participants. well, that was the plan anyway. as far as we all know, no such winner was deemed. booooo. but our group busted our asses getting creative with our picture taking and i had edited them into collages. i think it would be a shame and detriment not to share them again. ;P

to start, here is a picture of our hunt list, with one very special addition:
most people (who are into this stuff) would have heard that stephenie meyer herself showed up in forks and did an impromptu meet and greet sort of thing. as soon as we heard this, we added her name to our list. of course, being completely shocked and unprepared, i had nothing for her to sign so as she breezed by (the first time), i got her to sign our list. she saw that we had added her name and said, "oh, that's so cute!"

i did end up getting a picture with her as well a few minutes later after she decided to hold off her lunch break a little while longer and pose for some. i was the (self-)designated picture taker for my friends. during the excitement, they each sort of wandered to the background after their turn passed and i was left standing there with no one to take mine. i turned around and yelled back to them something along the lines of "what about me, bitches?!", immediately horrified that i had just cursed in front of the mormon author. i tried to run away, but she called back to me, "did you get a picture with your doll?" (i had been shoving my "pocket edward" into a multitude of pictures by then and he was in my hand as i was playing amateur photographer.) i shook my head, still superembarrassed at my outburst, and she told me to get back over there. PE saved the day! it was the highlight of my trip. and she was laughing and smiling the entire time. like a jackass, all i could manage was a squeaky thank you. then i actually did run away.

now for the ACTUAL items on the list:
(i'm going to add some of the hashtags/captions i used on instagram for the original contest posts, cause some of them are pretty damn funny.)

item # 1. swan's residence
(we had the forks AND portland locations. book AND movie. yay us!)

item # 2. cullen house   #gogogo!
(again both locations... and PE)

item # 3. bella's truck

item # 4. welcome to forks sign  #findPE

item # 5. doctor cullen's parking spot

item # 6. baseball field
(should be mentioned that many of the items on the list don't actually exist, which is where creativity came into play.)

item # 7. charlie's police cruiser

item # 8. the meadow   #wonkyfeet

item # 9. a wolf

item # 10. forks high school  #gospartans

item # 11. edward   #PE #forkscoven #olympiccoven so many different edwards! <3 <3 <3 #volvo #photobomb

item # 12. an apple   #unintentionalpfachphotobomb #biteme

item # 13. forks diner
(the forks and portland location ~ carver cafe)

couldn't decide between them, so 2 were posted.

#deerheadseverywhere #taxidermyatitsfinest

item # 14. sporting goods store ~ olympic outfitters   #goinghunting #moreheads

item # 15. jacob's motorcycle

item # 16. the treaty line

item # 17. jacob's house

item # 18. first beach  #thecullensdontcomehere #theydonow

2 posted again, cause it's so pretty!

item # 19. re-enact a scene of your choosing
we couldn't pick just one. we had 5.

19a. volvo (video link)   #sinceimgoingtohell #wonkyfeet

19b. first beach (video link)  #fantasticactingskills #findPE #photobomb #strongindependentwoman #poormirandaisalwaystheboy

19c.stone cliff inn  #sothelion... yeah, you know...   #stoplaughing #omgmyhandswerewherehishandswere *snort*

19d. #theskinofakiller #sparkle #sonotscaryedward #stripperglitter

19e. #floridians #thatswhatsinjacksonville #makeshiftgreenhouse

bonus. #THEtree i can just see him dangling from that branch... lmao. #personalbrand #twiheroin #roadtrip #portlandtoforks #memories #mygirls  m, b, and iphone picture credit to j. you win... just this one time.

and cause i feel like sharing them...

dinner at bella italia

PE at ruby beach ~ the most beautiful place i've ever seen with my own eyes

PE watching bd2 in the forks high school gym

"last born of the clan, first one to be free" ~ roadtrip

(some of) my girls

the party

re-enactments, ftw 

driving from forks to la push (video link) ~ the whole car singing along with christina perri #forever.


  1. this kinda made me tear up. I am gonna miss so much. love you and try not to have too much fun without me.

  2. Proud to call you my friend, you killed it! Should have won all the prizes.

  3. I sooo can't wait to do this again. Thank you for making sure I made the trip. I wouldn't have been there without you. Love you K.
    And I agree with Jodi, your pics were the best. You should have won all the prizes.

  4. LOVE this post! :D For the record, the winner of the Scavenger hunt was announced at the Party and won a Bill Condon signed poster. I just don't remember who it was. :)