Sunday, February 15, 2015


just for fun, i took some of my friends' favourite twiquotes and made some "art". lol. i was going to add them back in to the appropriate q&a's, but i decided to put them all here instead. 

i've posted this before, but just to start it off ~ this is mine
allison's favourite quote
jodi's favourite quote
i made 2 for that one. i couldn't decide.
brina has 2 favourites ~ # 1
brina's favourite quote # 2
miranda's favourite quote
angie has 2 favourites too ~ # 1
angie's favourite quote # 2
i made 2 for this one too because it's a popular one
both tami's & kristin's favourite quote
jenn's favourite quote
dee also has 2 favourites ~ # 1
dee's favourite quote # 2
mandy's favourite quote
amey's favourite quote
i also made 2 more for my 'no turning back' moment. for most people, it was when he walked into the cafeteria. not me. it was as soon as i heard both of these lines. i jumped on that edward bandwagon and never got back off again. 

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