Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Fanfic Rec Wednesday – The Debt

This week, I’m recommending The Debt by Ta Paixao (@Ta_Paixao). Read it here on
It was completed this past December is what I would call a medium length fic at 47 chapters and roughly 153,000 words.

It had been awhile since something came along and played with my emotions. I was so ready for it. I am a sucker for inked up Edwards with emotional problems and this one is both to perfection. My heart bleeds for this one.

Another thing I really loved about this story was Ta’s Bella. I think as a fandom, we are so swoony over Edward that we tend to focus on him and let our Bellas remain underdeveloped or non-descript. It worked for Stephenie Meyer because we all wanted to put ourselves into Bella’s place. But at this point, it’s getting old. I want a Bella with a personality and to actually be worthy of all Edward’s perfection. This Bella has it. She isn’t “perfect” in the sense that most Bellas are. She has flaws and emotional problems of her own – but she’s also strong and doesn’t put up with Edward’s crap. She’s real. I admire that.

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