Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Fanfic Rec Wednesday – The Practicum

Sorry I missed last week. I was on vacation with my girls who I only really get to see once or maybe twice a year. I was having too much fun and then grabbing whatever sleep I could in between to be able to get something ready. And since I was in the States, I had no data roaming or Wi-Fi on my phone. I'm still recovering from all the craziness and travel, but I do have a guest rec for you today.

This one comes from my good friend Angie (@ang062).

Title: The Practicum

Why is it good?:  This fic has been on my TBR list forever. I have loved pretty much everything that I have read from TheFicChick.  After a long work week, I just needed something light. This was EXACTLY what I was looking for.  Low angst, lots of laughs, and a blushing Edward.  This was a very quick read for me and had me smiling throughout.  The summary reads: "We're going to be teaching high schoolers how not to get each other knocked up or infected with gonorrhea. It's hardly a romantic evening for two."
I'm usually not one for high school fics but B & E are the teachers in this one. It takes that awkward health class that everyone was tortured with and gives you a completely different (hilarious) view. Plus it also contains one spectacular blow job!


I haven’t yet read The Practicum (I feel like I say that a lot…), but I do love TheFicChick. She wrote one of my very favourites, Departures. Also, I totally trust Angie’s opinion. She’s never lead me astray. It’s a shorter length fic – just shy of 98,000 words in 15 chapters so if you haven’t already read The Practicum, check it out.

Thanks so much for the rec, Ang!! 

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